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How to De-Stress When the Tides Are High

Stress is an annoying part of life. You can’t run away from it no matter how hard you try, you can only hope to manage it properly. I’ve been stressed in more ways than one, emotionally, physically and mentally. It’s a heavy burden you can’t wait to let off. Once I went through some emotional stress that almost consumed me. While I was lucky enough to employ some tips to unfreeze my heart, other types of stress came flooding in after that.

It’s easy for young people to deliberately get overwhelmed with work so as to distract themselves from the hurt that their heart may be feeling; that also gives room for its kind of stress. We often wonder which is worse. In those times, it’s important to take a break and heal both mind and body of the decay that stress causes. Many options abound and they vary with every individual, but there are a few de-stressing habits that everyone, male or female, should indulge in.

Travel – Get away. Take a moment, breathe and get away. Feel the wind under your wings as you fly away to another land even if it’s for a moment. It doesn’t have to be an exotic or expensive location, it just has to be away from the people and sights you’re used to. You could go alone or with a best friend, but the goal is to ensure that you don’t take baggage along with you. Leave the world behind and step out into new horizons. Meet new people, hear new stories, experience new cultures. It further brings home the reality that the stress you may have been facing cannot be the end of you, for the world is far bigger than what you make of it.

Forgive, and try to forget- This could be a sour source of stress. Forgetting may be hard, but you can try. When you unconsciously hold on to the hurt from a loved one or best friend, it could cause stress to sip deeper. A psychologist, Charlotte Witvliet once said that when the mind keeps rehearsing troubling reactions, the body’s calming system becomes impaired. You have to consciously decide to forgive and replace the anger with peace. Forgiveness helps to see the truth and sets ones spirit free.

Spoil yourself- Interestingly, stress needs no invitation to barge into your space. It just steps in and you either manage it, or it manages you, and stress leaves a bad trail when left alone. In these cases, it’s totally ok to be a little selfish and spoil yourself. If you’re not eager to spend money on a trip, you could take the less expensive option of going to a spa to be pampered. Go get a message, take a walk along the sea shore, switch off your phones and enjoy the warm feel of the wind on your face.

Lift your mood- Every individual has his or her unique ways of being lightened up. For some it’s a cold bottle of beer, a fine cup of ice cream, a box of chocolate, or a bouquet of flowers. A report show that buds can be a mood influencer and trigger good feelings. It could incite positive social behaviour and that is an environment that stress cannot survive in. Humans are comforted by nature so send yourself some flowers, leave some at your desk and watch your spirit soar. You could eat mood boosting foods like cookies and ice cream which boost your serotonin levels. However, be careful not to eat too much, else your waist line won’t forgive you later on.

Listen to soothing music- Music has its magical way of inducing a calm and serene state of mind. Whether you’re planning a wedding or simply de-stressing, music can make a crooked emotional path straight. The incredible thing about it is its flexibility. You can listen to music and achieve that calm state of mind even in the midst of stress. While in traffic, or having a stressful day at work, the services of music can be employed.

Life is too short to be wasted stressing over things that are fleeting. The cause of stress will pass, but you will remain long after it’s gone. So go give yourself that much needed break, and de-stress your life.

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Brandy Ali

10 years licensed massage therapist, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan has always been driven by her passions to help others. Growing up she was determined to “beat the odds” of an inner city youth and instead become successful while helping others.

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